Seoul Fashion Week SS16

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Glimpse of Seoul Fashion Week
Seoul surely has something to offer to everyone. last week it was seoul fashion week and still the fever is not over seemed as though for a moment the world's eyes turned to korea. With the growth of K-pop all over the world, Korean fashion has touched the sky. international fashion lovers are now going crazy over Korean fashion and Korean style. Some big names in fashion industry like Chanel and Doir have already made their way in Korea. It also proves that Korea can be a huge market for Fashion, since the youngsters in korea are all fashionic than anywhere in the world. Here are some glimpse of Seoul Fashion Week. on my next blog i will be posting best street-style photos from Seoul Fashion Week.
have fun
Photo by Santosh Chhantyal
Instagram: @santosh.chhantyal
Facebook: Graceful Moments

such a beautiful Smile. give smile get smile. :)
Model Irene Kim is once again surrounded by photographers. She is Korean fashion diva, when it comes to dress and fashion she is off the limit. Her signature hair is always so admorable.
Model Stephanie Lee is always known for her beauty. she is so good at making it look simple but making it gorgeous. 

Huikiki always as handsome. here he looks even better. 
Seoul mens style.

CJES Model @j_moon has one of the cutest face yet that appealing look kills it all. here she looks even more gorgeous with that black outfit and beautiful hair.
I sometime wonder how someone could be this beautiful. if looks could kill, she definitely has the looks to kill.

That lovely red dress and the bag, just wow. @songhej is always so soft and cute.

 Irene Kim looking gorgeous on that chanel outfit.
YGK + has some really young models and she definitely is one of them. She is still in high school and has managed to make this far. she has a long road ahead. her cute face definitely gives her a little extra point as well.
Hong Hyo one of the most beautiful Korean Model. She owns a honghyo showroom in NY.

Model Sangin Kim always as beautiful. Her sharp looks and extra-outstanding fashion has always been known.

Model Jiye Kwon has one of best color match up this season. truly worth thousand memory.

world famous blogger suzzy bubble now in seoul for Seoul Fashion week.

Seoul Fashion Week always has something to attract people, this kind of fun always follows Seoul Fashion Week.

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About Me

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